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Jan 31, 2024

Just in Time & Just Enough Learning

Reinforcement learning, micro-learning, comic strips, storytelling, coaching and social learning. Ever heard of all these concepts mentioned together? 

You will now, as you listen in on this fun conversation with Chitra Gurjar, Linda Jacob, Jyothi Sridhar and Madhavi Nadig about how they created a product and program called SmartStart.

Listen in and learn how the team weaved soft skills coaching into stories revolving around the lives of Meera and Jasmin, two fun characters whom they conjured up. Yes, their names are a nod to actress Meera Jasmine! Also hear the perspective of a learner who first went on a learning journey along with Meera and Jasmin, and then met their creators at the end of it.

  • How did a coach, a master storyteller, a product manager and their CEO conceptualize a low-touch, reinforcement-based micro-learning program that uses comic-strip style storytelling?

  • Did the creators have a clear idea about what they were creating?

  • How did they know what learners needed?

  • What was the structure of the program?

  • How did Meera and Jasmin come into being?

  • What technology was needed to enable this kind of low-touch, reinforcement learning?

  • How did they facilitate social learning?

  • What kind of expert interventions were needed?

  • How do you measure the impact of such an esoteric program?

  • What did a learner experience while participating in this program?

  • What do learners who completed the program have to say about it?

Read more real-life success stories from learners of the SmartStart program here.

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