“You don’t understand anything until you learn it more than one way.” – Marvin Minsky

Dual Modes of Use


This program runs for a set duration, during which SmartBytes are published regularly at a predetermined frequency. The entire learner-group starts and ends the program together, but individuals have the flexibility of learning at their convenience throughout.


Reinforcement Tool

SmartStart can supplement Adeptic courses as a tool to reinforce learning.

An Effective Learning Tool

  • Storytelling has universal appeal.
  • Combining appealing visuals with powerful metaphors and character-driven narratives, information is presented succinctly.
  • Curated information (videos, audio clips, images, documents and URLs) is seamlessly integrated into the comic-strip narratives.
  • The SmartBytes (cards) are accessible on-the-go, using any device.

  • Since comic strips cross cultural barriers, they can be used to communicate, discuss and critique issues in all spheres, including business and management issues.
  • The crisp, bite-sized nuggets of just-in-time knowledge in the SmartBytes suits the modern learner perfectly.
  • Comics effortlessly season learning with the umami ingredient – FUN.
SmartStart for You

SmartStart can be an add-on that supplements any of our programs.

SmartStart Use Cases

Standalone Programs

Customised versions for your organisation’s learning needs. Use cases currently include


  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Management training
  • Corporate policy
  • Return to Work programs
  • Your custom program

Reinforcement Learning Tool

SmartStart is the ideal add-on that supplements all Adeptic programs

  • Marketing Leadership
  • Product Orchestration
  • Thinking Design