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Research says Social Learning and Curated Content drive 30x engagement and 85% completion with customized courses. These are at the core of Adeptic’s learning initiatives.



Amplify learning with peer support, collaboration and thought diversity. The group atmosphere holds the learning environment. Learning socially, enables up to 69% retention. 72% of learners who learn alone, tend to forget what they’ve learned. Cohorts thrive on collaborative learning through discussion groups and safe practice spaces for review and critique.



Your go-to learning network for topic-related discussions and professional connections. Adeptic communities enable continuous idea exploration. They encourage diverse perspectives that expand learning horizons and respect thought diversity. 85% learners say communities are integral to learning.



Industry experienced facilitators, subject matter experts and mentors who catalyse learning. Our catalysts bring a cooperative mode of learning supported by actionable material and high involvement. Adeptic catalysts focus on interleaved learning through activities, dialogue, role play and reviews to create diverse learning opportunities. Adeptic catalysts know there is a 94% increase in interest when learning is done through discussions



Curated content from learning and instructional design masters. Adeptic supports your learning experience with expert-curated learning material and references that you can continue using as long as you need.

Our Process

The way it works

Process 1 Process 1
Select course
Process 2 Process 2
Contact us
Process 3 Process 3
Discovery Session
a. Assess needs
b. Co-create course
c. Meet your facilitators
Process 4 Process 4
Welcome Cohort
a. Publish course schedule
b. Onboard cohort
Process 5 Process 5
Define Cohort
a. Identify cohort
b. Determine learning outcomes
Process 6 Process 6
Cohort Begins
a. Activate community
b. Access curated content
c. Cohort & Catalyst interactions
Process 7 Process 7
Cohort Thrives
a. Practice in safe spaces
b. Discuss in the inclusive forum
c. Deliver timely feedback
d. Share learning moments
Process 8 Process 8
Cohort (Never) Ends
a. Subscribe to Adeptic community
b. Share cohort assessment
c. Access Adeptic content, lifelong
d. Be an Adeptic advocate
Adeptic Programs 2022

Learn in cohorts and apply learning to work

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Marketing Leadership

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Immersive Learning Experiences

At Adeptic, we strive to make learning work

SmartStart: Breezy, Bite-Sized Stories for Effective Reinforcement Learning

SmartStart: Breezy, Bite-Sized Stories for Effective Reinforcement Learning

SmartStart is a stand-alone bite-sized learning product as well as a supplement to our courses and your corporate training programs. It uses comic-strip style storytelling to engage learners and fit learning into their limited time.

SmartStart can be a learner’s companion throughout their learning journey. Skill, re-skill and up-skill using reinforcement learning. Create engaging training content for your learners by combining

  • Our storytelling prowess
  • Created & curated content
  • Your business needs, and
  • Your existing collateral

Customise SmartStart for your corporate courses and training needs. Deliver skill development training just in time. Develop your team’s skills, monitor progress, plan interventions and coaching programs with SmartStart’s real-time data and analytics.

Win, with SmartStart!

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