Aedge Podcasts - Rarely Rational - Context Effect

Apr 30, 2024

Read, rest & repeat to recall

  • Listen to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space and figure out what she says. - -- -------- Misheard lyrics - an example where your brain fills in information when you miss listening to something.

  • A misunderstood or misinterpreted word or phrase resulting from a mishearing of the lyrics of a song is termed as Mondegreen.

  • Context effect is where a person’s decision making is influenced by the context in which information is presented.

  • When we encounter new information, our brains automatically try to interpret it in the context of our previous experiences and knowledge. This helps us to understand and make sense of the information more quickly and easily.

  • There are everyday examples for how we make decisions based on the context of the environment.

  • Priming occurs when an individual's exposure to a certain stimulus influences his response to a subsequent stimulus.

  • What are the positives and negatives of context effect? - Remembering a context makes it easier to encode information and improve recall. - Context effect can lead to errors in judgement.

  • How brands place their messaging and whom they use as ambassadors to promote their products has an influence on user behaviour.

  • Balancing out the positives and negatives goes a long way in keeping us from falling for the context effect.

  • Context effect plays a very significant role in AI/ML. Machines are learning to make decisions based on available data.

  • ChatGPT - Recent hit among AI machines that are able to have contextually aware conversations

  • Usage of conversations in our learning products by imparting concepts through a story. And the characters in the stories set the context to make the learning more memorable.

  • We live in the Age of Context. And with this new generation of personalised technology, there are five forces that are contributing to the rise of context - mobile, social media, data, sensors and location.

  • Perception of the value of artwork changes depending on where it is displayed. Art presented in museums was rated higher than when presented in a laboratory context.-

  • Marketers use something called the ‘Attractiveness Effect’ - Arrangement of products to make them seem attractive and ‘Similarity Effect’ - - -------------- Arrangement of products in a group.

  • Context effect can be used in UX design to create more intuitive user experiences.

  • There are seven flavours of context - device, activity, environment, time, location, individual and social

  • Swiggy’s prompts to order similar food based on your past orders is an example of ‘adaptive experiences’ employed by brands - An interesting social experiment about organ donation showed how ‘communicating in a way that simplifies the choice makes a big difference’.

  • How context effect can come into play during user research interviews. And how to be aware of them.

  • Research has shown that people rank television commercials as either good or bad in relation to their enjoyment levels of the show during which the commercials are presented

  • A note about context-awareness in ubiquitous computing by Mark Weiser.

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