Aedge Podcast - Rarely Rational - Bandwagon Effect

Apr 16, 2024

 Don’t jump on the bandwagon?!

Why do we look to others for what we should think and do? This psychological concept is known as social proof. It occurs as a result of our natural desire to behave in the correct manner and fit in with others.

In this episode, Chitra, Suchitra and Jyothi talk about how they have succumbed to the Bandwagon effect and other experiences at work and life in general.

  • Jolo chip challenge and other social media challenges.

  • Social proof and the need to belong for humans.

  • Where did the term ‘Bandwagon effect’ come from?

  • ‘Hopping on the bandwagon’ to feel included.

  • Positives and negatives of the Bandwagon effect.

  •  How does the Bandwagon effect play out in UX?

  • Being aware of this cognitive bias and dealing with it in User research.

  • Groupthink as an outcome of the Bandwagon effect.

  • Examples of apps/products using the Bandwagon effect to market their services.

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