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In this episode, colleagues from Clearly Blue Tara Chacko, Key Accounts Manager, and Subramanyam Koduvayur, Lead Designer, share their stories in conversation with Chitra Gurjar on 

  • How they started website development work, starting their careers in software development and testing telecom software
  • Wondering how to get started, navigating terminology, learning and implementation
  • Endless iterations, revealing possibilities in stages, design is subjective and often thought of as a black box
  • Managing the website design through processes and having a structured approach
  • How branding awareness can bring about better client engagement when designing websites
    • Bringing the client’s thoughts to light
    • Helping clients see what they want for their website
  • Stakeholders getting involved only at later stages of website design. 
  • Using visualisation and bringing clients together with designers early on and using a branding awareness exercise along with discovery meetings
  • Using quick iterations and listening intently to gain traction with the client
  • Challenges while handling clients – keeping your (the designers) expectations to a minimum)
  • Tips to be a good website designer -> Be a problem solver, understand workflows, have an eye for aesthetics, have an eye for details, be hands-on (try out things for yourself), 
  • Remembering that your patience will be tested (much like navigating traffic in Bangalore)

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