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In this conversation, Shreya Choudhary, Senior Director Talent Development at Sprinklr, shares with Chitra Gurjar her experiences and stories around learning covering

  • Shreya’s take on building talent in an org. All of us have unlimited potential, we can build ourselves
  • Always wanted to do something with people, wanted to be a doctor being surrounded by doctors, drifted into learning development
  • Teaching hotel management students, the art of discovering who your are, understanding behavioural assessments and developing competency profile
  • Science of developing talent, creating experiences that engage people, knowing human behaviour, connecting with people
  • Challenges orgs are grappling with in the golden age of learning, pace at which skills are becoming redundant, what we need is not known (staying ahead of the game), shrinking time to design, staying relevant in the times of instant gratification, compress, condense in an attention challenged world
  • What can learning development folks do? reducing the knowing-doing gap, making sure people show up and learn with AI driven nudges
  • Increased possibilities in learning with AI via career pathing platforms, reduced time, increased scale of employee development
  • Platforms, for scale,  coaching mentoring platforms at reduced cost,  not LXP’s and LMP’s 
  • Learning development evolving from ROI of learning to immediate impact, time to success, time to productivity
  • Have humans reduced their appetite to learn? 
  • Learners today have reduced skills of abstracting, want everything “in My context” and apply learning ASAP
  • How do we assess the learning quotient of the team and learning inventory?
  • Learner expectations based on
    • Fast track career growth, immediate results
    • Priority for work life balance
    • Shift from learning experiences to people interactions through shared experiences, expert and peer interactions
    • Learning is a luxury so time to learn is shared with work
  • Economies of scale in learning
  • Adult learning – shift from older paradigms to learning in the flow of work
  • Timing, context and need as the way for learning professionals to add value and deliver in the organization
  • Message for aspirants for a career in learning –
    •  You teach best what you want to learn best
    •  Find your passion and keep it alive

 Shreya is a Talent & Leadership Development Leader, who believes people enablement can have a deep impact on organizational as well as individual performance and experimenting with the power of digital learning strategy to ensure learning goes beyond an event. She is in learning because she is  a lifelong learner who is passionate about growing and helping people to grow professionally. Personally, She practices conscious living and trying to reduce my footprint on this beautiful planet we call home. 

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