Unlearning by Design

Unlearning Via Design

A free flow conversation between Chitra and four students of Shrishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology about challenges and experiences of unlearning via design.

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A few weeks ago, Adeptic Labs had the opportunity to conduct a workshop at Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology. So we thought of inviting some of their design students to share their experiences as design students. This conversation with Chitra explored –

  • Choosing design as a course of choice
    • From wanting to become a doctor, engineer, theatre person and knowing that they wanted to be only a designer
  • Challenges and experiences of staying in the problem space, solving fights with friends using a design mindset, 
  • Letting go of assumptions while trying to build the right product
  • Research and design, having to observe people for hours
  • Being influenced by having a parent in marketing
  • Design is a continuum
  • Influences in their design journey through spiritual exploration, cultivating their own lines of inquiry, being influenced by friends and family and going back to them when they are stuck, influence of having a parent in marketing and the creation of impactful campaigns
  •  unlearning at Srishti with a course on chaos and turning traditional learning on its head
  • How research helps in design, like a scientific mind
  • Engineering approaches have rules, designers work more openly
  • Theatre influencing design and vice versa, seeing design through theatre as reflections of the world we live in, actors and designers minds are  like a begging bowl always waiting to be filled with anything coming their way, curating and creating experiences
  • What unlearning meant in their first year at design school
  • Their perspectives on what people aspiring to learn design should take note of


Jahanavi Goel

An aspiring service designer with strong observational skills, empathetic approach, and ability to develop and deliver practical and conscientious solutions. Currently studying at Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design &Technology, pursuing Business Services and System Design. 

Abhiram Jois

Abhiram Jois is a human centred design student at Srishti Manipal institute. He is currently associated with the collective Design Beku and is working on a project called COWKI (Community owned wireless knowledge infrastructure) that enables communities to co create local knowledge repositories and self host meaningful digital services. He also did a semester of student exchange with The Glasgow School of Art where he studied interaction design. His areas of interest include UI/UX, design research, open data/software, HCI4D and ICT4D. 

Rhea Mittal

A 3rd-year student pursuing Human Centered Design at Srishti Manipal Institute (SMI), Bangalore. She recently completed a student exchange semester in Besign, The Sustainable Design School, France. And currently interning as a design researcher at IIT Delhi and have previously interned as a UI/UX Designer, Product Designer, UX researcher and Graphic designer.

Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rhea-mittal/
Website: https://rheamittal04013ae9.myportfolio.com/

Vismaya Ashok Khatokar : HCD Student at Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology

“Having keen interest in the fascinating world of Research, Behavioural Sciences, and the deep field of Business Strategy, Vismaya’s journey as a Human Centred Design student at Srishti Manipal Institute has led her to pursue UX and Service Design. A Silent Observer, she’s constantly building narratives through her budding flair in Creative Writing, which slowly turned into her tool for beginning witty and imaginative conversations. On a lighter note, she obsessively watches documentaries of any genre, and is an avid badminton player!”

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