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“Design used to be seasoning you’d sprinkle on for taste;
now it’s the flour you need at the start of the recipe.”
- John Maeda

Who is this program for?

Product Teams

An excellent foundation for Product Managers, Engineers and Designers working as a product team to get from concept to cash and to build great products. Learn how to design services around new or existing products.


Sales & Marketing Teams

Design your content to position the right messages to grow your business and delight your customers.


Aspirants and Practitioners of Product Management

The course is a combination of good product management practices and mindset development that are key to becoming an effective Product Manager.


Startup Teams

Craft your story, discover user needs and build your pitch. Empower and enable your teams to imbibe essential design principles in the ways they work to get from idea to execution rapidly and efficiently.


UX Researchers

Build rapid prototypes and product experiments with essential tools. Become a valued member of teams building great products.

Program Outcomes

  • UI/UX Appreciation
    Understand the basics of UI design; the difference between UI and UX; and, how you can collaborate better with your design team.
  • Introduction to Product Design
    A journey from user research and prototyping to usability testing, that will help you launch better products.
  • Introduction to Service Design
    Understand what it takes to build services that can take your product from good to great.
  • Sales and Marketing from a Design Lens
    Learn why superb customer-connect needs to be underwritten by great branding and collateral design.

  • Instructional Design Essentials
    Product success depends on customer success. Help them use your product optimally.
  • Product Content Strategy
    Design is not just visual. Content is the intricately intertwined twin. Learn how to weave in great content in your offering to ensure user and market success.
  • Design Thinking for Innovation
    Build teams that use design thinking as a tool for innovating services, products and more.
  • UX Research
    Being an accomplished user researcher ensures you remain curious and unbiased, and constantly discover what your users want. Help product teams build great product experiences through user journeys.
Courses Offered

We customize courses for cohorts based on your business and team's needs.

  • How are the courses in this program different from other courses?

    Each course is facilitated by a team of Adeptic Catalysts who bring several decades of experience across the areas of design, usability and user research. They dwell on the foundations behind each of these areas and help cohorts use their learnings to thrive and innovate at work.

  • Do cohorts need to have a technical background to participate in courses?

    Cohorts need not have prior technical experience. If you have worked with tech-enabled tools, that gives you some advantage. We help you learn a few essential tools that give you an edge with your work.

  • What is the expected time commitment?

    The minimum commitment is 4 hours and up to 6 hours of live virtual sessions with the catalysts, each week. As a cohort, you have offline work that you do in groups which may take up to 2 hours per week as a group effort. We try to make most of our sessions working sessions where you get to practise what you learn during the class, substantiated with curated content that you can consume at your own pace.

  • What happens if a cohort member misses a class?

    All our live virtual sessions are recorded and will be made available as soon as the class is completed. You also have access to community channels and your cohort to make up for what you missed.

  • How big will each cohort be?
    1. At Adeptic, we recommend a minimum of 6 participants in a cohort and a maximum of 12 for an impactful learning experience.
    2. Teams can sign up as a cohort.
  • Are there any prerequisites for any of the courses under this program?

    No there aren’t!

  • What reference content do you provide?

    We pride ourselves in curating the best content for each course which will be made available throughout the course and at the end of every course session. We use some slides that will be available to the cohort as well. We will also provide you with templates and frameworks that you can download and use.

  • What is the instructional style used in courses?

    We believe in cooperative learning between cohort and catalyst. We provide safe spaces for dialogue, discussion and reflection of learning while using a variety of activities like role-playing and debates.

  • Will there be a certificate at the end of course?

    Yes. Every participant will get a Course Completion Certificate with their team’s photo.

  • Will any course under this program make me a UX Designer?

    Courses under Thinking Design will make your team a higher-performing one. Every individual in the team will get sharper at their role – whether as a Product Manager, Engineer or Startup Co-founder. Gaining an understanding of design basics and an essential appreciation of design principles and techniques will benefit the product you’re building.

    As for UX Designers, the courses in this track will help you refresh your skills. Level set with your team so that your work is integrated better and your contributions are valued more. In short, make your life easier!

  • How do we get started with a course?

    Contact us for a conversation about your needs.