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Telling Stories & Learning

We've all learned through stories, from our elders, teachers, books, mythology and others. Listen to the how storytelling can transform learning experiences.

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In this episode, Linda Jacob, Madhavi Nadig and Chitra Gurjar talk about storytelling and creating impactful learning using stories. Amongst other things, they share:

  • Parents, grandparents and teachers shaping their childhood experiences with stories from mythology, the Ramayana & the Mahabharatha
  • Weaving stories into learning experiences to make learning stick with learners, including adults
  • Blending fictional stories with everyday experiences to create impactful learning
  • Applying the art of storytelling in learning design
  • The 3-D analogy, making people live and breathe the story
  • Stories may help you feel you are a part of something bigger than yourself
  • Meme-fying a “heavy topic” to make learning light, yet sticky
  • Using relatable stories while designing a learning product for class 10 students
  • Can you teach storytelling?
  • The 100 stories project to teach English to visually-impaired students.

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