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Teaching to Learn

A conversation with a veteran learning professional, Joseph Chinnaya, Director for Learning Tools and Technology at NetApp India Pvt Ltd, around learning for the workplace, learning platforms and technology, organizing learning and the evolution of learning.

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In this conversation Joseph Chinnaya, Director for Learning Tools and Technology at NetApp, and Chitra Gurjar explore learning around –

  • Joseph’s origin story starts with giving tuition to children on various topics
  • His learning journey, starting with technical training for customer support and product training. Developing a love for teaching and learning about oneself in the process
  • Recognising that adults differ from children in learning, and adults’ resistance to change
  • His experiences contrasting formal, structured learning v/s self-led, nudge-based, coaching-when-needed styles
  • Learning early on about having empathy before influencing learners
  • Understanding Instructional Design through learning, teaching, formal training, mentorship and practice
  • As workers and workplaces evolve, designing learning for them is becoming more complex
  • Managing information overload with timely coaching, intervention and mixed learning approaches
  • Joseph’s role in providing Learning Infrastructure, the evolution of learning technologies
  • An end-to-end view of learning, from learning design to delivery, and technology platforms
  • Keeping pace with your target audience, catering to different learning formats
  • A Netflix-like experience on their learning experience platforms, alongside traditional catalogue selection
  • Integrating with commonly used tools, like Microsoft Teams
  • AI to deliver better learning experiences
  • Effective learning, especially post-pandemic, for working professionals
  • Why course completion rates do not necessarily correlate with the effectiveness of the course or the learning
  • Like some readers discard a book after reading interesting bits, some learners may quit a course after learning things they want
  • The importance of topics, organization and content to make learning easily consumable
  • Advice for aspiring learning designers and professionals

Joseph Chinnaya is currently the Director for Learning Tools & Technology at NetApp. He has played a variety of roles in his 25+ years-long career in the learning domain. Joseph has been a Trainer,  Instructional Designer, Content Development Manager, Regional Training Manager (APAC), and Global Sales Enablement Manager. Joseph has pursued his passion for learning & teaching while working with companies like GE, Microsoft, and NetApp. He has been a member of global learning communities such as ATD, eLearning Guild, Josh Bersin Academy, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, edX, TSIA, and CEdMA. Joseph is also a jazz guitarist, always looking to co-create musical memories with his friends and family.

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