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Marketing is an exciting and challenging field. Marketeers are eternally trying to stay on top of changing consumer needs and expectations, laws, and technology trends. 

In this episode, Sharvani Sachidanand swaps stories about marketing with Padmaja Narsipur. They discuss the evolution of marketing and share the unique demands of different industries with Madhavi Nadig

Topics discussed in this episode include

  • Sharvani’s journey into marketing, without a sales background
  • Padmaja’s segue from engineering to marketing
  • Regulations governing marketing products in liquor and beauty industries
  • The need for Surrogate Marketing
  • Scaling campaigns
  • The perks and perils of targeting consumers online
  • WhatsApp is a pivotal tool for both trading and training
  • Technology enables effective marketing
  • Mistakes made and lessons learned from the trenches
  • The “Andhera in Andheri” story. Sharvani pulls off a great marketing event, during Mumbai’s peak monsoon season, despite the clouds of doom surrounding it the previous night.
  • Why the “from Silicon Valley” tag matters
  • Sharvani cleverly using Indians’ bias towards white skin to her advantage.

Sharvani is an entrepreneur, dog-mom, marketeer, storyteller & dreamer. She has straddled roles across industries, working with Robert Bosch (Blaupunkt), Pernod Ricard, Wipro Peripherals, Allergan Healthcare & Addto. In 2012, Sharvani co-founded annectoś Loyalty Solutions, which specialises in delivering and managing trade & channel loyalty programs. She has experience in Product Management, Marketing, and Revenue Management. Sharvani has a track record of conceptualising, implementing & managing innovative business solutions that drive profit & growth for her clients. She enjoys spending time with her 3 dogs, watching movies, making hand-made art, and cooking.

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