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"The expert in anything was once a beginner."—Helen Hayes

The SmartEES Approach

SmartEES for You

SmartEES courses are excellent introductory courses for teams or individuals in product and services companies, FMCG companies, manufacturing, retail and marketing companies. The courses provide introductions to topics and just enough knowledge to provoke discussion, immediate application and further exploration.
We can work with you to assess your team’s gaps via these introductory courses and custom-build a program with longer-duration courses where gaps exist. We are happy to support you with more detailed or longer courses (self-paced, cohort-based, or workshops) on any topics, should your team need it.

The SmartEES Library

A digital basket of courses to make every member of your team a complete professional

How It Works

Choose any one or a combination of both

Why SmartEES?


Acquire essential skills for the workplace

SmartEES course topics are carefully curated to provide your team with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills. E.g., time management essentials, communication skills, basics of email etiquette, and so on.

Enable teams to learn quickly

The courses are designed for applicability at work. Empower teams to apply their learning to work immediately.

Curated content

Provide quick and easy access to supporting learning collateral.


Optimal course length

The courses are concise enough that learners can finish a course during their lunch hour or commute. No mega time commitments are needed.

Learn from Real World Situations

SmartEES courses have been designed by industry professionals to reflect situations employees frequently face, drawing from real-world scenarios and personal experience.