Rarely Rational – Status Quo Bias

Influences over our thinking when it comes to making choices, especially when we have so much to chose from. Time is short at work, should we keep status quo or accept the consequences of our choices and move along? Listen to how the Status Quo bias affects decision making abilities and behaviour and what UX designers need to watch out for.

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This is the fourth episode of the Rarely Rational series, that explores bias that influence our ability as UX designers in terms of decision-making and behaviour. Jyothi Sridhar and Chitra Gurjar explore the Status Quo Bias. Why do we tend to leave things the way they are? 

  • What is the Status Quo Bias?
  • It is an emotional bias.
  • Do we love change or not?
  • We generally try to avoid choice paralysis.
  • What is loss aversion?
  • There are transactional costs in making a change
  • Fear of failure and regret avoidance.
  • Do we tend to inaction while faced with making a tough decision?
  • How does status quo bias play out in UX research?
  • The framing effect.
  • Pros and cons of the default effect.

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