Rarely Rational – Illusory Truth Effect

Surrounded by a sea of information that almost always is overflowing, never ebbing. What does this do to our abilities while receiving, consuming and processing it? Humans are cognitive misers, really? If you are a designer, how does an Illusory Truth effect bias your user experience design?

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The second episode of the series Rarely Rational explores the “Illusion of Truth”. Chitra Gurjar and Jyothi Sridhar discuss the Illusory truth effect and how it plays out in UX design along with –

  • Information Abundance makes us ‘cognitively lazy’.
  • Are we Cognitive Misers?
  • How do advertisements make use of repetition frequency?
  • Misinformation or fake news as a side effect of Illusory Truth Effect.
  • How Illusion of Truth can be avoided in User Research?
  • Processing Fluency – the ease with which information is processed.

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