Rarely Rational – Anchoring Bias

Biases are something all of us have. Some known, some unknown. The first episode in the series of Rarely Rational explores how biases can affect user experience design, starting with the Anchoring Bias.

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This episode is the first in a series of talks about the impact of cognitive biases in the field of UX.

In this conversation, Suchitra G and Jyothi Sridhar talk about their journey into UX and their understanding of the concept of Anchoring Bias. Other points of conversation include –

  • What drew them to the field of User Experience.
  • What does ‘UX’ mean to them?
  • What are cognitive biases and how are they relevant in UX?
  • People’s decision making process
  • 52 UX Cards – the article that helped us discover and understand cognitive biases
  • Anchoring Bias definition and examples in real life
  • Some fallacies in planning

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