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Pursuit of learning. Creating impactful learning experiences.

Pursuit of learning

This conversation features Captain Sneha Laxman, a retired Army officer, currently working as a Learning Designer. Listen on to know more about what goes into creating impactful learning experiences.

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This Aedge episode is a conversation between Sneha Laxman, an instructional designer with a varied career background, Chitra and Madhavi from Adeptic Creative Labs.

  • Sneha’s introduction to instructional design. Being an ex-service person, retiring from the Indian Army as a captain. Transitioning from technical writing to Instructional designer.
  • Drawing parallels between being trained as an Army officer and what was required to be a technical writer. Assessing requirements and getting the task done is a common trait that is looked for in any field.
  • Sneha’s varied career, starting from a telemarketing professional, chemistry teacher and researcher at C.F.T.R.I, Indian Army, technical writer and now an Instructional designer.
  • Challenges Sneha faced in her various career shifts.
  • Pursuit of finding something exciting to do and learn
  • Learnings as a technical writer. Importance of Needs analysis
  • Balance between enjoyable learning and driving actual impact on the ground.
  • Most impact can be achieved by catering to what drives the learner
  • Corporate learning and its challenges
  • Social learning or learning with peers in different settings.
  • Sneha’s advice to aspiring Instructional designers.

This podcast is brought to you by Adeptic Creative Labs with support from the team at Clearly Blue Digital.

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