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Who is this course for?

Aspirants and Practitioners of Product Management

The course is a combination of good product management practices and mindset development that we believe is key to becoming a Product Manager. This experience will help you synthesise your learning to be great at your job.

Startup Teams

Discover, build, deliver and quickly learn how to launch great products and help your team succeed.
Course Outcomes

Building basics for a Product Manager

  • Understand the facets of a Product Manager’s role
  • Develop your product intent with your product vision and business goals
  • Develop your product pitch
  • See the “Whole Product View”
  • Focus on customer experience in the product ecosystem
  • Communicate your product vision, shared customer goals and business outcomes in the product context
  • Understand User-Product Interaction through understanding user needs, motivation, pains and gains, discovering and validating personas, traversing user journeys and storyboards
  • Appreciate User Experience (UX) design and User Interaction (UI) design
  • Build an experimental mindset & learn lean thinking
  • Create your product with user stories, story-maps, outcomes and validation
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams.

The course embodies essential attributes of a Product Manager

  • Collaboration – bringing the best of teams to create an awesome product experience
  • Facilitation – guiding teams to product success
  • Influencing without authority – harmonising product delivery
  • Critical Thinking – pivot or persevere
  • Communication – telling the story.
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