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Who is this course for?

Product Leadership Teams

Capture “moments of truth” experienced by your customers when they experience products, sense their value and get critical jobs done, without negotiating long contracts and licence agreements.

Create and socialise a common product vision anchored around customers and your business success. Set up the right product structures and operations in your organisation.


Cross-Functional Product Teams

See the big picture, together. Build delightful customer experiences. Know how customers sense your product.

Start building fluid products with rapidly evolving feature sets by establishing workflows that enable quick product iterations. Avoid fixed roadmaps and long delivery cycles.

Course Outcomes
  • Understand and appreciate what it means to be product-led
  • Principles of becoming product-led – customer focus, experimentation & learning, and lean thinking
  • Develop a “customer first” mindset
  • Understand and measure customer experiences and traverse customer journeys across organisational functions
  • Be with your customers at every step of their journey
  • Socialise your product intent within the organisation
  • Understand your product ecosystem and develop a whole product view
  • Develop end-to-end product life cycle integration
  • Build Product Operations and Customer Success teams
  • Establish governance to ensure team and product success and sustainability
  • Measure, monitor, adapt and improve product success through metrics & KPIs
  • Adopt ways of working that connect practices across your organisation.
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