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"Delivering a product journey that customers love is how today's products thrive."
- Tod Olsen, CEO of Pendo

Who is this for?

Product Leadership Teams

  • Capture “moments of truth” experienced by your customers when they experience products, sense their value and get critical jobs done without negotiating long contracts and licence agreements.
  • Create a common product vision anchored around customers and the success of your business. Set up the right product structures and operations in your organisation.

Cross-Functional Product Teams

  • See the big picture, together.
  • Build delightful customer experiences.
  • Know how customers’ sense your product.
  • Build products dynamically with rapidly evolving feature sets, instead of with fixed roadmaps and long delivery cycles.
  • Establish workflows that enable quick product iterations.

Aspirants and Practitioners of Product Management

Synthesise your learning to be great at your job.

The course is a combination of good product management practices and mindset development that we believe is key to becoming a Product Manager.


Startup Teams

Discover, build, deliver and learn quickly to launch great products and help your team succeed.

Program Outcomes

For Organisations and Product Teams

  • Develop a customer-first mindset
  • Understand & measure customer experiences and traverse customer journeys
  • Explore and build a product-led organisation from the ground up
  • Develop your product leadership and product operations teams.

For Product Managers

  • Understand your role and journey as a Product Manager
  • Build the right technical, people and mind-set skills to become a successful Product Manager.
Courses Offered

We customise courses for cohorts based on your business and team's needs.

Product Management

Creating awareness and appreciation of good industry practices.Read More

Product-Led Thinking

Learning how to drive growth by putting your product at the very heart of customer experience. Read More

  • How is this program different from other Product Management programs?

    This course helps you understand all that goes into building great products and impactful customer experiences. The courses address two key aspects around product development

    1. Products that lead the organisation and business, with a focus on customer centricity and product vision that aligns the organisation around customer success
    2. The role of a product manager and what it takes to be a good product manager.
  • What does a cohort for these courses look like?

    We suggest that cohorts for this course be from an organisation comprising

    1. Product Leadership teams or Product Operations teams, comprising cross-organisational functions.
    2. Product Managers

    We will run the cohort for a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 12 participants.

  • Do learners need to have a technical background to participate in courses?

    Cohorts need not have prior technical experience.

  • What is the expected time commitment?

    The minimum commitment is 4 hours and up to 6 hours of live virtual sessions with the catalysts, each week. As a cohort, you have offline work that you do in groups which may take up to 2 hours per week as a group effort. We try to make most of our sessions working sessions where you get to practise what you learn during the class, substantiated with curated content that you can consume at your own pace.

  • What happens if a cohort member misses a class?

    All our live virtual sessions are recorded and will be made available as soon as the class is completed. You also have access to community channels and your cohort to make up for what you missed.

  • Are there any prerequisites for the courses?

    No there aren’t!

  • How will the courses under this program help our business?

    You will gain skills essential to create a winning business and be able to

    • Look at your business with a customer-centric mindset
    • Put together the right organisational structure for your business, centred around product development and delivery
    • Help product managers be great at their work.
  • What reference content do you provide?

    We pride ourselves in curating the best content for each course which will be made available throughout the course and at the end of every course session. We use some slides that will be available to the cohort as well. We will also provide you with templates and frameworks that you can download and use.

  • What is the instructional style used in these courses?

    We believe in cooperative learning between cohort and catalyst. We provide safe spaces for dialogue, discussion and reflection of learning while using a variety of activities like role-playing and debates.

  • Will there be a certificate at the end of course?

    Yes. Every participant will get a Course Completion Certificate with their team’s photo.

  • How do we get started with the courses under this program?

    Contact us for a conversation about your needs.