Policies for Shipping, Delivery, Refund and Cancellations


Shipping is not applicable for our business



Cohort-based Courses

A cohort will be formed once there is a required quorum. Each cohort requires a predetermined minimum and maximum number of participants to run. Adeptic will not admit more than the maximum number of students per cohort.

Each cohort’s start and end dates, and the complete schedule will be announced once there is a quorum.


All Other Programs

Adeptic will announce the start and end dates, the maximum and minimum participants per program, the complete schedule and all other details pertaining to the program prior to the beginning of the program. Participants’ spots/licenses may not be transferrable. Course material will be accessible for only a fixed period, which will be communicated in advance too.


Cancellations & Refund

Participants’ spots/licenses are not be transferrable on cancellation.

Refunds are generally not entertained. Adeptic reserves the sole right to determine partial refund in special cases.