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Co-founders of Adeptic Creative Labs, Padmaja Narsipur and Chitra Gurjar, along with Chief Content Officer of Clearly Blue Digital Linda Jacob, talk about their experiences and views on learning

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In this conversation, Linda Jacob, Chief Content Officer from Clearly Blue Digital is in conversation with Padmaja Narsipur and Chitra Gurjar, co-founders of Adeptic Creative Labs. They share their views and experiences on

  • Motivation to learn
  • Why learning is different for adults
  • Being social animals, social engagement matters for learning amongst humans
  • Learning alone v/s learning in a cohort
  • Interactivity and conversations for effective learning
  • HOTS – the DNA of learning – Higher Order Thinking skills
  • Why should people sit in a row, in classrooms and learn, even today?
  • Multi-modal learning
  • Working and learning are social today, not isolated
  • Shifting mindsets to learn
  • Trying out everything to learn, with curiosity and humbleness
  • Why learning fails and how to make it work
  • Learning for and at work, how to apply learning back at work
  • Looking at learning as experiments and adventure
  • Why Adeptic is different, creating safe spaces to learn for working professionals

This podcast is brought to you by Adeptic Creative Labs with support from the team at Clearly Blue Digital.

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