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Who is this course for?

Marketing & Social Media Teams

Build an online presence for your business the right way.

Learn the fundamental skills that will help you

  • Know your audience
  • Define targeted content and messages using techniques to research keywords
  • Understand your competitors’ approaches
  • Hone your On-Page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills
  • Write marketing campaign experiments that incorporate On-Page and Off-Page approaches with measurable results
  • Track and adapt to your customers’ needs
  • Develop the right mindset to grow and sustain your digital presence.

Entrepreneurs and Startup Teams

  • Learn the right techniques and skills to incorporate effective SEO and Off-Page approaches
  • Construct effective marketing campaigns for your startup
  • Position and launch your product right
  • Continuously learn and improve your product awareness and outreach using the right levers
  • Acquire customers through organic means.
Course Outcomes

Have a website? Trying to make your product known and get your first set of users?

Learn to combine all aspects that influence your business and products in the digital forest through your website and social media.

  • Know your customers’ and audiences’ needs
  • Distinguish between personas like influencers, decision-makers and buyers
  • Conduct keyword research through specific techniques
  • Construct impactful messages that call attention to your product or service
  • Draw potential customers towards your offering
  • Optimise your website with the best SEO practices to get your desired results
  • Launch digital marketing experiments combining On-Page and Off-Page techniques
  • Measure, monitor and track your campaigns with clearly defined metrics.
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