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We believe that people have numerous ways of learning, microlearning being one of them. We are doing it all the time in our own ways.

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Conversations that help instructional designers and the modern learner, an exploration of microlearning between Linda Jacob, Chief Content officer at Clearly Blue Digital and Chitra from Adeptic Creative Labs. Their conversation includes

  • Microlearning being the way of learning these days
  • Challenges of learning in the workplace today
  • Memories from our learning days, school and college, chunking volumes of lessons into smaller bites and other techniques
  • The modern day learner, 4 minutes or less to view a video, is that only enough to hook learners, help them learn?
  • How to make learning matter to the learner, the “why” and adoption of concepts must matter or relate to what a learner is going through
  • Multiple mediums and formats of information packaged for effective learning
  • Microlearning used alongside intervention based learning
  • Spaced learning for improved retention and recall
  • What instructional designers can keep in mind
  • Summary of the microlearning exploration

This podcast is brought to you by Adeptic Creative Labs with support from the team at Clearly Blue Digital

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