“People are experiencing you before you know who they are.
Meet them on their road and transform the journey.”
- Adeptic Creative Labs

Who is this Program for?

Sales & Marketing Teams

In the digital universe, sales and marketing take on new avatars. Today, informed buyers approach sales teams after making a decision, making it imperative for sales and marketing to collaborate on messaging, brand voice and deep collateral. Learn how to do this seamlessly with Adeptic.


Digital Marketing & Social Media Teams

Digital Marketing goes beyond vanity metrics on social media. It is a data-driven exercise – finding your target buyers and peppering their digital paths with authentic content that educates. Learn how to build compelling omnichannel campaigns that convert prospects with Adeptic.


Startup Teams

From the legendary six-pagers at Amazon to every startup around the world, marketing drives product ideation, design and development. Get it right the very first time by collaborating with expert Catalysts to craft your startup’s marketing roadmap.

Program Outcomes

Target Audience Research

  • Identify your customers, unique value proposition, and target market based on your business goals.

Digital Content Strategy

  • - Tell your story, create awareness and deliver insights about your company and product
  • - Elevate your brand across digital channels and ecosystems.

Organic Customer Acquisition

  • - Build skills around SEO & smart content crafting techniques
  • - Establish and optimise your presence in a digital ecosystem
  • - Learn a multi-channel approach to examine your digital space and craft a winning plan to organically grow and acquire customers.

Digital Marketing Plan & Roadmap

  • - Define Digital marketing & content vision
  • - Derive Competitor insights and Website Analysis
  • - Conduct User Experience research
  • - Understand how to use Digital Platform Channels
  • - Plan for and Deploy Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • - Monitor and Improve Campaign management, Website and Social Media Analytics with metrics and insights
Courses Offered

We customise this program for cohorts based on your business and team's needs.

Digital Content Strategy

Creating awareness and appreciation of good industry practices.Read More

Organic Customer Acquisition

Creating awareness and appreciation of good industry practices.Read More

  • How is this program different from other Marketing programs?
    1. The courses are built around combining winning factors for team and organisation success along with the necessary techniques and concepts around marketing that teams can apply immediately at work.
    2. We enable a mindset shift towards building and running continuous digital impact programs so that your teams will be ready to launch, manage and grow your digital presence in a systematic, scalable and impactful way.
  • What does a cohort for this course look like?

    We suggest that a cohort for this course be from an organisation comprising

      1. Sales & Marketing team
      2. Leadership team
      3. Digital marketing & social media teams.

    We will run the cohort for a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 12.

  • Do learners need to have a technical background to participate in these courses?

    Learners need not have prior technical experience.

  • What is the expected time commitment?

    The minimum commitment is 4 hours and up to 6 hours of live virtual sessions with the catalysts, each week. As a cohort, you have offline work that you do in groups which may take up to 2 hours per week as a group effort. We try to make most of our sessions working sessions where you get to practise what you learn during the class, substantiated with curated content that you can consume at your own pace.

  • What happens if a cohort member misses a class?

    All our live virtual sessions are recorded and will be made available as soon as the class is completed. You also have access to community channels and your cohort to make up for what you missed.

  • Are there any prerequisites for this program?

    No there aren’t!

  • How will the courses under this program help our business?
    1. Making an impact in the digital world is a continuous process that needs to adapt to the way customers respond to your business. Our course work is highly actionable and cohorts are able to see the results of their learning while learning, so that they gain confidence to apply it at work and you see business results.
    2. Our marketing leadership courses are designed with your business context woven into the course so the cohort is seeing the problems and discovering solutions as they learn.
  • What reference content do you provide?

    We pride ourselves in curating the best content for each course which will be made available throughout the course and at the end of every course session. We use some slides that will be available to the cohort as well. We will also provide you with templates and frameworks that you can download and use.

  • What is the instructional style used in these courses?

    We believe in cooperative learning between cohort and catalyst. We provide safe spaces for dialogue, discussion and reflection of learning while using a variety of activities like role-playing and debates.

  • Will there be a certificate at the end of course?

    Yes. Every participant will get a Course Completion Certificate with your team’s photo.

  • How do we get started with courses under this program?

    Contact us for a conversation about your needs.