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Digital Marketing 101

The inner workings of Digital Marketing in a walkthrough conversation with a professional with over a decade of experience in this vast field that's become part of business charters everywhere.

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Digital Marketing has become a buzzword today. Businesses of all sizes, in the B2B and B2C space, need a strong digital presence. You must be able to market to potential customers wherever they are online. 

In this episode, Pavithra Rao from Clearly Blue converses with Madhavi Nadig about her experiences as a Digital Marketeer.

  • Pavithra’s tryst with Digital Marketing
  • What makes digital marketing appealing as a career?
  • Why companies need digital marketing
  • Myntra introduced online shopping for clothes and revolutionized the industry using digital marketing
  • Nykaa established its brand identity by targeting youngsters on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok.
  • Digital marketing is not synonymous with Social Media Marketing
  • Digital marketing is about reaching your target audience on any digital platform
  • Understand your target audience to make your digital marketing targeted and effective
  • Strategy to market products meant for children, who are consumers, but not the decision-makers or buyers.
  • Thinking of digital marketing after putting up a website? You’re already late to the game!
  • Content strategy is key to boosting websites
  • Typical timelines for different types of campaigns to yield results
  • Identifying platforms relevant to your brand
  • Typical misconceptions and incorrect expectations that Pavithra educates new clients on
  • Skills needed within digital marketing teams
  • Is it art or science?
  • Building a reputation and gaining users’ trust takes time
  • Influencer marketing works for B2C, not so much for B2B
  • Consistency and patience are essential for customer acquisition
  • Using existing data to identify more potential customers
  • How to gain explosive growth for the business?
  • Effect of huge spends on paid digital advertising
  • Is success in digital marketing the same as making content viral?

Pavithra Rao is an independent, Digital Marketer with more than 12 years of Digital Marketing experience. She currently is a consultant with Clearly Blue Digital. In addition to lending her consulting expertise to companies to use the right platforms and grow their business performance digitally, Pavithra also trains students and professionals in the science and art of Digital Marketing.

This podcast is brought to you by Adeptic Creative Labs with support from the team at Clearly Blue Digital

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