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Who is this course for?

Sales, Marketing & Go-To-Market Teams

Establish a strong online presence for your business by building fundamental skills around messaging, content, outreach and branding, supported by solid user research and customer experience analysis. Launch your product, continuously learn and improve your product messaging and outreach with the right levers at your disposal.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Teams

Be a great marketing partner to your business. Establish the right digital marketing and content strategy. Learn the right set of tools for user research and designing content. Make measuring & monitoring your digital presence a habit to elevate your digital outreach.
Course Outcomes

Ever wondered about Michelin stars? What does a tyre manufacturer have to do with good food?!!

Everything, if you want to get people to wear out their tyres travelling extra miles searching for food.

Michelin banked on their compatriots’ gastronomical love affair. Customers were sure to drive the extra miles to savour the culinary delights Michelin discovered for them. And thus the Michelin stars were born. This content marketing success story dates back to the 1900s.

Adeptic’s Digital Content Strategy course enables you to

  • Construct messages in a language that your target audiences use and understand
  • Pinpoint your audiences’ favourite watering holes (read content domains, topics and media mix)
  • Read the tea leaves of SEO strategy
  • Conduct simple yet comprehensive research, analyse data for customer insights through easy techniques and know where your competitors are in the digital space
  • Build a content strategy that aligns with your business goals
  • Pick and choose the levers to optimise your campaigns.
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