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Adeptic Bridge Program
For Workplace Success

Understand and apply three essential ingredients for career enablement and professional satisfaction

Who is the Adeptic Bridge Program for?

The Adeptic Bridge Program is right for you if you are

Courses in the Adeptic Bridge Program

The Adeptic Bridge Program has 3 courses to help you

Sign up for all 3 courses together or one at a time.

We recommend spacing out your learning. This gives you a chance to apply your learning back at work immediately while building your skills progressively.

Project Success


When stepping into a managerial role, making and owning decisions may seem daunting, initially.

Do you constantly face tasks such as negotiating the scope and duration of projects, or move people across projects? Learn to make risk assessments, and track and manage dependencies efficiently for the success of your programs.
Teams often find it challenging to stick to certain “ways of working”—Agile, Lean, Kanban or any other method. Learn to help your team succeed by discovering and adopting the way that works best for them.
Do your responsibilities include ensuring that working relationships are mutually beneficial? Learn to work effectively with decision-makers, influencers and people across teams—keys to becoming a successful manager.

People Success

Become an effective leader, understand your style, your responses and how to operate in different work environments. Learn to manage conflicts by encouraging dialogue and communicating with empathy and impact. Learn how to shift towards having a growth mindset.
Harness the diversity in thought, experience, skills and knowledge in your teams to deliver better outcomes. Learn inclusive behaviors and become the game changer for your team’s success.
Help your team thrive and add value through innovation. Learn to build a great working environment by enabling team members to grow and succeed.

Product Success

Successful Product Managers deal with the many dimensions of the product like user experience, strategy, vision, product backlog, roadmap and the whole product life cycle. Learn about your role as a product manager and how to become good at it.
Your product’s success depends on your understanding of customers, how they perceive you and measuring product and customer success as a shared goal across the organization. Learn to build products centered around delivering great customer experience.
Adopt simple service design techniques to deliver just-in-time, self-serve solutions. Learn Design Thinking techniques for building good products and nurturing great workplace, customer and partner relationships.

How is the Program Conducted?

Adeptic Bridge Program is a cohort-based program

How do I register?


When can I sign up?

Sign up right away and get on the waitlist.

When does the course start?

Adeptic will start a cohort as soon as 6 participants sign up. Team Adeptic will announce the new schedule right after.

What if I sign up and a cohort does not start?

You can do one of these:

  • – Keep your place on the waitlist until a new cohort forms (with 6 participants)
  • – Encourage your colleagues to enroll to hit quorum sooner
  • – Give up your spot on the waitlist and ask for a refund.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate from Adeptic Creative Labs.

About Us

Adeptic Creative Labs and Clearly Blue Digital are Bengaluru-based sister companies partnering with VMware, since 2020.

Our founders and leaders have strong backgrounds in technology, design, building & scaling products, coaching & leading teams with local and internationally distributed team members, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

We are the creators of the popular SmartStart/ReStart program. As of January 2023, we support 800+ learners in our ReStart program and have delivered 33 webinars on diverse topics to the hundreds of learners on the Taara platform. Our team also runs the monthly soft-skills webinars for VMinclusion Taara, training the women restarters enrolled in the program.

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