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Blueprints to Wireframes

A free flow conversation between Jyothi and Geethanjali, an architect turned UX designer about her experiences in both these fields.

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In conversation with Geethanjali, a UX designer at Nference. Geethanjali talks about her work in UX and her journey from being an architect to pursuing a career in design.

  • Being an ‘artsy’ kid, chose to study architecture to explore her creative abilities.
  • Enjoyed creating interesting spatial experiences rather than just aesthetic designs.
  • Visualising a design and aiding in getting it built was a skill  she had already mastered.
  • These were transferable skills that could be easily applied to UX design. 
  • Similarities between architecture and UX design.
  • Adapting from thinking in 3D to visualising design on a screen.
  • Transferable skills from interior design to UI design.
  • UX design process followed by Geethanjali.
  • Projects that Geethanjali is proud of, that includes a project she undertook for the interview at Clearly Blue!
  • Advice for people aspiring to venture into UX design.


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