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Beyond formal learning - Changing how the world learns.

Beyond formal learning

A conversation between Chitra and Rohan Krishna, an EdTech entrepreneur exploring various aspects of product development and marketing in the learning space. Rohan Krishna is a serial entrepreneur. He joined hands with EdSanta's founding team with zest and vision to change how the world learns.

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This is a conversation between the Co founder and CEO of EdSanta education, Rohan Krishna and Chitra Gurjar from Adeptic Creative Labs.

  • Ed Santa is an Ed tech company which is 5.5 years old
  • He has experience in marketing branding and building products in a US based company
  • He has also dabbled in the retail sector in Europe, building products
  • Completed masters from University of Aberdeen MBA
  • Worked in Finding new products that can be introduced into the market and finding customers.
  • Finding for someone v/s building a product
  • Joining an EdTech firm, learning all about a product and performing multiple roles
  • What to do with an idea? Getting the ABC’s right. Start with market sizing, segment and need, understanding user personas
  • Discovering user personas for the learning space – has been made complex; understanding stakeholders
  • Reaching the end user in an enterprise requires crossing many hurdles
  • Dealing with different mindsets in enterprises, well structured systems
  • Learning ecosystem is made complex; don’t ask when you last took a course, learning always happens in-line with work
  • Does learning always have to be structured? Online courses are not always the solution
  • The myriad forms of learning – one size does not fit all; experiences with various enterprises
  • Personalized, contextual byte-sized learning – to suit needs of the learner
  • The organizations expectations from necessary structured learning v/s an individual discovering what’s necessary
  • Enterprises looking to enhance learner engagement, going out to find courses that work
  • Going hand in hand with the kind of work being done with individual growth plans; battling the content fatigue
  • Importance of organic learning acknowledged by the enterprise
  • Researching adult learning – points of view from an Indian education scenario;
  • Advice for people considering a career in Edtech
  • There’s enough room for everyone; know your competition
  • Understanding paying capacities; challenges for B2B and B2C, outreach for each and in-line with your funds
  • Understanding organisation processes and functions
  • Finding the right problem to solve

Rohan’s Brief:

Rohan Krishna is a serial entrepreneur. He joined hands with EdSanta’s founding team with zest and vision to change how the world learns. In just a few years, he was able to crystalize his dream into reality with EdTech brands under the EdSanta umbrella – Elite Learning, Get me a Course, Get Me Guru, Get Me Employed, and AdSmart. In Rohan’s words, EdSanta’s vision is to “make learning accessible, effective, engaging, and personalized for everyone.” His authored book, “Knowing What’s Ignored: A Little Extra For Extraordinary Outcomes At Work,” is an excellent read for aspirants pursuing their master’s degree in business administration! A true-blue explorer, Rohan absorbs and enjoys new cultures and food while traveling globally. An innovator at heart, Rohan has a patented remote-controlled robotics product to his credit.

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