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As a B2B company, selling products and services to other companies, the strategies and tools you use for digital marketing are very different from those used by B2C companies. In this conversation, Padmaja Narsipur shares her tales from the trenches with Madhavi Nadig. Padmaja reveals the many aces up her sleeve, gathered while serving several B2B clients in the role of a Senior Marketing Strategist.

Topics discussed in this episode include

  • Clearly Blue’s journey from content creation to digital marketing
  • The right time for startups to get started with digital marketing
  • The different sets of tools in the arsenal of a B2B marketeer
  • How Clearly Blue starts helping a new client with their digital marketing
  • Time-frames B2B companies should plan for
  • What can companies gain from Adeptic’s cohort based courses on Marketing Leadership?
  • Skillsets needed to setup a marketing team
  • Problems that companies and startup founders were facing when they approached Clearly Blue
  • Budgeting for digital marketing
  • Is Digital Marketing an art or a science?

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