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Authentic Connections

This episode is a conversation between the host and the digital marketing team at Clearly Blue Digital. Listen to these youngsters who also come from a background of running their own businesses.

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In conversation with the marketing team at Clearly Blue Digital, with Chitra from Adeptic Creative Labs.

Aishwarya, Snegha and Sakshi talk about marketing in their own words. This team is a very young team of enthusiastic, creative and passionate people who share  –

  • What attracted each one to the world of marketing

– Spontaneously and in the course of work

– Asking google, and finding out the why behind marketing

– did DM once and learned it formally at Clearly Blue

  • Learning about marketing via home business and passion-driven careers

– learning patience when getting those followers

– being consistent

– engaging with followers, building your network

  • Being consistent by

– Making genuine and valid connections in the online world

  • Changes in marketing tools in the last 2 years, rise of automation
  • Marketing in a B2B business, seeing outcomes is a while away unlike B2C
    • Takes time for people to recognize a brand, how one presents their brand matters
    • Quality is more important than quantity
    • Tell the story of who you are as a business or product
    • Building a portfolio of a business
  • Challenges faced as a new marketing team
  • Helping new companies get started with marketing
  • Messages for aspiring marketeers
    • Learning through experiences on the job
    • Focus on the how
    • Being consistent flexible and adaptable

This podcast is brought to you by Adeptic Creative Labs with support from the team at Clearly Blue Digital.

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