Anyone Can

Anyone Can

How many have known of Learning Design ? What is it and what does it take if you want to become a Learning Designer or an Instructional Designer?

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In this conversation, Chitra Gurjar, Chief Product Officer at Adeptic Creative Labs, is talking to Ashwini Radhakrishna, Lead learning designer and Suchitra G, learning manager, at Clearly Blue Digital on –

  • How Suchitra and Ashwini stumbled into learning design
  • What is learning design?
  • How does one get started in Learning Design
  • What goes into an LDD – a learning design document
  • Challenges faced while creating an LDD, keeping the focus on the learner, even though most clients aren’t the learner themselves
  • Experiences while building a course, managing expectations, keeping communication focus to ensure shared understanding and reduce friction
  • Managing expectations and partners in a learning design exercise, insights from managing learning design projects
  • Many people don’t know what they want, the iterative process of Learning design, and continuously improving
  • Just go for it – if you want to be a learning designer

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