We Believe...

... in learning that you can apply back to work! Adeptic programs are built on the foundations of community, cohorts, coaching and content.

Our collaborative, immersive learning platform provides for

  • Experiments, dialogue, assessments and learning
  • Involving learners through communities, discussion, practice and teaching
  • Discovering new learning processes and heuristic learning design
  • People to discover their way of learning and enable others while doing so.
Why Adeptic

One type of learning does not fit all. In fact, there are tons of different subjects and areas you can pick up by watching videos, listening to podcasts, signing up for courses or subscribing to specific blogs.

Our style of learning expertise best fits some focus areas for now and we are always open to adding more.

We are excited to release programs in

Adeptic People

Adeptic's founders are deeply invested in making a difference in the way learning works


Chitra Gurjar


Discovering learning by sharing and exchange of knowledge and experience

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Madhavi Nadig


Fixing up experiments
in the lab

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Padmaja Narsipur


Telling the world about novel ways of learning at work

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Adeptic Catalysts

We believe learning needs human catalysts (aka gurus, mentors, teachers, coaches) whose purpose is to help the learner make meaning out of their experiences. Every learner is the hero of their learning journey. The catalyst is the guide who holds the light by the path.

Want to explore becoming a Catalyst? Join Us